#1 Free File Compression Tool on Softonic.com: RAR Knife

My free windows tool "RAR File Open Knife", that was tested by softonic.com a few weeks ago ("Super-fast application for RAR files"), ranks #1 this week in the category free file compression. Compared with all free and non-free tools it is right behind WinRAR and WinZip:

RAR File Open Knife (1.4MB) is a tool that opens RAR archives. As fast as possible. The program comes with short instructions in over 50 languages, the engine is highly optimized. In performance tests RAR File Open Knife was up to 11% faster than 7-Zip etc.


  1. Thanks for creating this alturnitive to winrar, but I'm confused..it looks like you have three different apps (frog,knife, and rarzilla) that all do the same thing?

    Just wondering if I'm missing something
    here. Again thank you very much.

    Also I didn't notice if these are free to use for business use?

  2. @Jason: 1. Yes, they basically all do the same thing and use the same super-fast engine, but they come in different flavors. Think of ice cream. Vanilla, Strawberry etc. are all ice cream, but still different. Here, the differences lie for example in the user interface: Free RAR Extract Frog allows skinning, RarZilla does not. But RarZilla is available in a portable Version, which Free RAR Extract Frog is not. And, last but not least, the RAR Knife has a less comic like user interface and allows to choose the output folder in a comfortable straight forward fashion...

    2. All three are free for business use.