Version 2.1 of Free RAR Extract Frog released

Version 2.1 of my free Windows tool "Free RAR Extract Frog" has been released a few moments ago. Free RAR Extract Frog has won over 30 5-star awards and is used by an ever growing group of users who like their RAR files to be extracted easily and super-fast.

A lot of users have sent brilliant ideas and thoughtful tips on how to improve Free RAR Extract Frog and make it even more comfortable. Version 2.1 is a major update and comes with the most useful new features, that users have come up with, e.g.:

  • A new password list feature, that allows you to have Free RAR Extract Frog try all passwords from a list with standard passwords prior to asking for the password

  • Full support for roaming per-user settings (AppData) - each user's individual skin and settings are available on every computer in the network

  • Automatic checking of the output folder - if it is read-only or full, Free RAR Extract Frog asks you to choose a different folder

  • A new "Unrar..."-button on the main screen - if you don't know how to handle drag'n'drop, simply click the button, choose you RAR file and everything is well

  • Newly designed "Options"-tab that shows all password- and output folder-options in an easy-to-use manner

  • Newly designed "Interface"-tab that gives you more control over the user inteface, e.g.: decide, whether you want the "Unrar.."-button mentioned above to be displayed

  • New dialog options, e.g.: It is now possible to deactivate all "file replace"-warnings and always overwrite files

  • New welcome- and wizard-dialogs help first-time users to easily understand how to unrar with Free RAR Extract Frog and guide them through the process
Don't hesitate to take a look at the screenshots of the new interface... If you would like to read the full specs, take a look at the PAD...

Free RAR Extract Frog 2.10
InstallFreeRARExtractFrog.exe (3MB; Windows XP/Vista/7)

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