"Fünf Meter Zeit" in iPad App Store Top 10

Thank you, Apple! A few days ago, the editors of the iTunes App Store recommended "Fünf Meter Zeit" (the German eBook version of the picture story "Fifteen Feet of Time") on the iPad App Store main page. Since then, the eBook App is Top 10 in the German iPad books section:

The Englisch version of the eBook App is also available for the iPad ($4.99/€3.99) on the iTunes App Store:
Story teaser: "What happens if the world unexpectedly stands still for a moment? If, just like that, you are given a bit of time by sheer luck? This is exactly what happens in one of the biggest and busiest cities of the world, as a small snail crosses the street and makes traffic stop for half a day. A book about things that you always wanted to do but never had the time for..."

A free low resolution eBook version of "Fifteen Feet of Time" (Fifteen_Feet_of_Time.pdf, 2.0MB) is availabe at philipp-winterberg.com... :-)