Upcoming Version 2.1 of Free RAR Extract Frog

My free Windows tool "Free RAR Extract Frog" has been reviewed and recommended by a lot of download archives over the last year. It has won over 30 5-star awards and is used by an ever growing group of users who like their RAR files to be extracted easily and super-fast.

A lot of users have sent brilliant ideas and thoughtful tips on how to improve Free RAR Extract Frog and make it even more comfortable. The upcoming version 2.1, which will be released in a few days, will come with the most useful new features, that users have come up with, e.g.:

  • A new password list feature, that allows you to have Free RAR Extract Frog try all passwords from a list with standard passwords prior to asking for the password

  • Full support for roaming per-user settings (AppData)

  • New dialogs that help first-time users to easily understand how to unrar with Free RAR Extract Frog