Spain's Largest Daily Newspaper Recommends Germany's Most Translated Book

Spain's largest daily newspaper, "El País", recommends our children's book "¿Soy pequeña?" (= "Am I small?", Germany's most translated book) in a recent newspaper article: El País presents five selected children's books that can help children to learn about empathy and to understand reality in a fun and entertaining way.

In their recommendation of "Am I small?" (available in 200+ languages and dialects as eBook, softcover and hardcover) El País writes: "[...] El cuento de Philipp Winterberg y Nadja Wichmann muestra cómo ante una misma realidad existen diversas opiniones al compararlo con lo que ya se conoce. El texto y las ilustraciones se fusionan para contar un concepto abstracto que romperá los límites de los niños y así ampliar su visión del mundo [...]" 

Thank you very much!


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