Win bilingual children's books at Easy German


With Cari and Janusz of Easy German I interviewed people int the streets of Berlin. The Episode "Unfug (The biggest mischief you got up to as a kid)" is out now!

As a special treat, Easy German gives away some bilingual children's books. How you can get one? Cari explains it at the end of the video. Good luck!


Over 1.000.000 Readers

In the last quarter, the number of readers of my books crossed the million mark: 1,030,852. Many thanks to all of you!


Austrian Ministry of Education recommends: "Am I small?"


The Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Women's Affairs recommends the German-Albanian dual language edition of my children's picture book "Am I small?" on it's site www.schule-mehrsprachig.at - many thanks!

There are over 300 dual language editions available by now, many more bilingual editions will be published soon.

How to use "Am I small?" in the classroom? The teacher Carissa Peck has posted several activities in her blog: For example, one can encourage students to use a larger vocabulary, realize small words have multiple meanings or make pretty decorations for the classroom...


"charming" - Kirkus Review of "Fifteen Feet of Time"


"In this whimsical debut picture book translated from the German, Hesse and Winterberg implore young and adult readers alike to embrace what they love to do."—Kirkus Reviews

My children's picture book "Fifteen Feet of Time" has been reviewed by Kirkus Reviews and is considered to be a "charming carpe diem tale for all ages". Many thanks!


"immensely enjoyable" - ForeWord Clarion Review of "Am I small?"


"...readers will emerge from this book feeling slightly more confident about themselves—whatever their size."

My children's picture book "Am I small?" was reviewed by ForeWord Clarion Reviews at www.forewordreviews.com and considered to be "immensely enjoyable". Many thanks!