Get Apps worth 100€++ from the Apps Museum

The Apps Museum features 250++ apps, most of them freeware. But some gems were formerly shareware or buyware. These buyware apps are now available completely for free - no registration, no nags, no nothing! Some examples:
  • Namibia Premium Screensaver (formerly 19,95€)
  • Guatemala Premium Screensaver (formerly 19,95€)
  • Mexico Premium Screensaver (formerly 19,95€)
  • Powerful Affirmations Premium (formerly 14,95€)
  • Powerful Questions Premium (formerly 14,95€)
  • Powerful Visions Premium (formerly 14,95€)
And there are more: TextGiant, SplitGiant, ShutDownKing PRO etc. Go visit the Apps Museum and get them all! :-)