Egbert turns Greek, Swedish, Polish and Esperanto!

My children's coloring eBook "Egbert turns red" has been translated to Greek by Eleni Torossi. It's Greek title is "Ο Έγκμπερτ κοκκινίζει".
 Catrine Lindgren has done a Swedish tranlation: "Egbert rodnar".
"Egbert robi sie czerwony" is the Polish version's title, translated by Dorota Beuker-Herud.

The Esperanto version named "Egberto ruĝiĝas" was created by Alejandro Escobedo.

Thanks a lot to all of you! The eBooks are available for free on my website (PDF; 4.7MB)... Print them... Color them... :-)

P.S.: If *YOU* also would like to translate the book, please take a look at the detailed instructions on how to do that..